8. JM shop

  After the school relocated to the suburbs of Tokyo in 1934, various activities by graduates were begun in Myonichikan.  As Jiyu Gakuen had emphasized art education, we established the Jiyu Gakuen Institute for Art and Craft studies after some graduates studied art and crafts extensively in Europe as well as in Japan.  Their textiles were exhibited at the Paris Expo at that time.

  Also, the Jiyu Gakuen Consumer’s Cooperative was started as a forerunner of organizations such as co-op and co-purchase groups.  The need for such a service was great after the war when clothes and daily necessities were scarce.  There were a lot of women involved in these kinds of activities and the Fujin-no-Tomo-sha publishing company, and for these women, a Cooking Study Group was started which produced half cooked food.Later this group started the study of sweets after ordering recipes from France.  Nowadays, their homemade cookies are introduced in magazines and are so popular that they get sold out before the week is over. This shop also functions as a museum shop selling products designed by Wright or related books along with numerous products created from various activities. Please make sure you take a look.


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