6. Rm1921
Jiyu Gakuen’s First Day and Its Present Situation

  With the walls still unfinished and the window panes not yet installed, on April 15, 1921, an entrance ceremony was held in this room, which was the only one free of scaffolding. In the middle of January, the Hanis met Wright through Endo and asked Wright to do the planning.  Later that month, Wright visited the site, and construction commenced on March 15th.  The week after the entrance ceremony he started working on the classroom next to this room (presently called “Taliesin”), and then the classrooms on the west wing and the central building were completed in June 1922. On July 22 of the same year, Wright returned to the States after being dismissed from his work.  Since then, Arata Endo was in charge of the classrooms on the east wing and the structure took on a “U” shape in September, 1925.

  Presently we are using this room as a PR room for Jiyu Gakuen in Higashikurume by exhibiting the school life there through pictoral panels and pamphlets.  Jiyu Gakuen has a 25-acre campus that is abundant in nature and provides continuous education from kindergarten and elementary school through the college. For junior high and high school, the girls and boys are educated separately. The girls department’s dining hall,

gymnasium, and auditorium as well as the elementary school dining hall and the boys department’s gymnasium were built by Arata Endo when the school was relocated in 1934. These five buildings are still in use while being designated as historical buildings by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


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