4. The Dining Hall

One of the main principles of education according to the Hanis was to have all the students share a warm homemade meal together. For this reason the school was built with the dining hall as a central place: a feature unusual for school buildings at that time. Then, there were large geometric windows on the east and west, and a terrace outside. However, as the number of students increased, the dining hall could no longer accommodate them, so around 1923, Arata Endo added three more small dining rooms. According to the Cultural Property repair guidelines, the areas remodeled should be returned to their original state, but they never were. However, construction began in 1921, and by 1927, it was finished with a new auditorium as well. Since the auditorium did not exist in 1921, it would also have had to be demolished along with the return back to the one dining hall. Therefore, 1927 was designated to be the year determining standards for renovations.

  Concerning the light supports hanging from the ceiling, Wright had no intention to install such fixtures. In the original plan, wires entered the room only at the four corners. However, it is said that during construction, Wright visited the site and concluded that the ceiling was too high, and the following day, he handed Endo a lighting plan.

  The old rectangular tables and chairs that were in the east and west small dining rooms were made for this dining hall. In order to raise funds for building the furniture, the students performed a play at the Imperial Hotel, and with the money, asked Endo to build the furniture. In order to stay within their limited budget and create quality furniture, they ordered standard cuts of lumber materials from the provider.

Presently, the square tables and chairs in the center are being used. After completing renovation, referring to the style of the original tables and chairs, new ones were made with modern features appropriate for use at weddings and so on.
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